Food2Know is a central point of contact for industry, government and other stakeholders on feed, food and health, guaranteeing high quality research and advice.

Food2Know groups the scientific expertise of more than 23 research labs and covers as such the entire integrated chain “from farm to fork”,from researchers studying the relation between feed composition and the quality of food, over conservation and packaging technologies, structural characteristics of food, the relation food - health of humans and animals, all the way to consumer behavior and perception.

Member research groups cover feed, food and health related expertise on 5 faculties of Ghent University (Bioscience Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sciences and Psychology & Educational Sciences) as well as groups from University College Ghent, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Antwerp University and the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO).

What do we do?

  • Unite top experts along the entire food chain
  • Increase interaction with industrial and societal stakeholders
  • Tune research to practice
  • Answer questions independently, efficient and directly
  • Diffuse knowledge
  • Innovate, fundamental as well as applied
  • Generate and valorise intellectual property
  • Identify, in partnership, project opportunities and financing
  • Train, consult and educate