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Food Safety Management & Risk Assessment

Food safety management and risk assessment are 2 distinct but closely related research lines.

Food safety management is situated at the operational level of an agri-food chain (individual companies or sectors) and aims to achieve a certain hygiene or (microbiological and/or chemical) safety level of the delivered food products.

Risk assessment studies are the mathematical calculations of exposure and further interpretation during risk characterization to estimate the impact on population level. In this perspective, both microbiological and chemical food safety risks towards human health have been included in my research addressing various food chains and products.

The research in risk assessment goes hand in hand with research in food safety management, as the outcomes of risk assessment are applied as an input for the food safety management at an operational level. Risk assessment and risk analysis studies are never a ‘stand-alone’ work and cooperation with multiple research groups and/or stakeholders of the agri-food chain is necessary.


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