Carl Lachat is Associate Professor at the Department of Food Technology, Safety and Health at Ghent University Belgium. He holds a PhD in applied biological sciences from Ghent University. He lectures courses in food and nutrition policies, nutritional epidemiology, planning and project design and nutrition-sensitive interventions.

His main interest is to develop effective approaches to enhance the nutritional status of vulnerable populations in low- and middle-income countries. These approaches are evaluated using both intervention and observational study designs, guided by rigorous assessment of evidence and systematic reviews. In addition to empirical research, he actively develops new knowledge with regard to collection, management and integration of food intake data and ways to increase quality of nutrition research and capacity for better policies and practices.

The research within the unit “nutrition and health” is divided into two complementary pillars.

In the pillar “biochemical, cellular and molecular nutrition” mechanisms of nutritional and bioactive components are investigated by means of in vitro digestion and cell culture technology.

While in the pillar “food and nutrition epidemiology” the effects of nutrition on humans are investigated through controlled and randomized intervention research and through observational studies.


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