Pack4Food is a consortium of Flemish research institutes and about 50 companies in the field of food packaging. Within this multisector consortium are food producers, packaging converters, printers, gas suppliers, distributors, packaging machine producers, retail, …

With this group, Pack4Food covers packaging needs in the food and packaging industry, resulting in packaging themes like barrier materials, active and intelligent packaging, filling systems, prolonging shelf life, gassing techniques, sustainable packaging, heat resistance and safety (migration). Aside from bilateral projects with individual companies, some of these themes are the subject of collective research projects, in close cooperation between companies and research institutes.

Pack4Food aims on the one hand to stimulate innovation in food packaging, both at the food producers and at their suppliers (packaging producers, filling machine producers, …) and on the other hand to support companies in their daily packaging challenges.

The main activities of Pack4Food are advisory services, support for innovation projects, and organizing company-oriented trainings.


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