Artificial sensors in food safety and clinical diagnosis

Tuesday September 11th, researchers and industry were welcomed on the closing event of SynABs, a five year COA-project (Concerted Research Action) working on the development and use of synthetic antibodies as innovative receptors for the detection of toxic cyclic depsipeptides in the food chain. The project resulted and succeeded due to an intensive cooperation between the research of groups of three different UGhent faculties. Prof. Annemieke Madder (Faculty of Sciences), Prof. Sarah De Saeger (Faculty of Pharmaceutical sciences) and Prof. Andreja Rajkovic (Faculty of Bio-science engineering) joined forces to address the problem of cereulide and beauvericin detection in food via a multidisciplinary approach.

This interdisciplinary cooperation was well reflected in the diversity of the seminar's program. It was an afternoon with different insights, framed within the broader context of the rising importance of rapid detection techniques in the food chain and in clinical diagnostics. The academic picture was seamlessly complemented with thoughtful insights from the industry thank to speakers such as John Chapman (Unilever) and Kathleen Braet (BioMARIC).

Below you can find a series of photos aimed to demonstrate the mood of this inspiring afternoon: