Vacancy Post-doc EffSep – Biomass valorisation

The Post-Doc Candidate will work in a Strategic Basic Research project (cSBO of Flanders’ Food): EffSep – Efficient separation of macroconstituents from biomass by combining unit operations based on insights in structural organization. You will work in an interdisciplinary team of research groups, during this 4year project.

In the frame of circular economy and biobased thinking, an increased attention is going to valorization of food waste, preferably producing new products/derivatives of the food waste with an added value as high as possible in the valorization chain. On the other hand, to be able to fulfill current needs and trends towards the use of alternative and new biomass and their ingredients in the food, attention is going to producing food ingredients from these biomasses. Therefore, the major objective of this proposal is to obtain a clear mechanistic insight on the impact of unit operations, used for the stabilization, disruption and extraction of constituents of the biomass, on cell wall disruption and cellular organization of the biomass.

In that respects, your responsibility is to follow up the interaction between and the results obtained by a team of PhD students, involved in different research groups. The final outcome of your work is to build a decision tree based on the results obtained during this 4year project. The work will be carried out at the research unit VEG-i-TEC, Department of Food Technology, Safety and Health, at Ghent University – Campus Kortrijk. Starting date is at the latest 1st of November.

More information about the profile and on how to apply: vacature post doc Effsep