The research group MONOGASTRIC, which refers to monogastric farm animals like pigs and poultry, is embedded in the Laboratory of Animal Production and Animal Product Quality (LANUPRO), Department of Animal Science and Aquatic Ecology of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Ghent University.

The research group has built up over the years a strong expertise in understanding digestive processes, interaction with feed ingredients and microbiota and developing in vitro and in vivo tools to study the digestive physiology. Our research is thus situated in the nutrition and digestive physiology of monogastric farm animals.

We are promoting innovative research to improve nutrient utilization and animal performances and health, in particular to optimize digestive function in the weaned piglet and broiler. This resulted in numerous research topics and projects, mostly related with feed additives: use of exogenous enzymes, medium-chain fatty acids, fermentable fibers, antimicrobial essential oils, fermented liquid feed, probiotics, phytochemicals with pro-digestive properties, immunomodulatory oligosaccharides, and antioxidants to alleviate the offset of oxidative stress. Particular attention goes to disadvantaged stages of animal production such as the intra-uterine growth restricted pig, the weaned piglet or the heat stressed finishing broiler.


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